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COPY OF Fat Burner

COPY OF Fat Burner

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Losing weight is difficult because our body has self-regulating mechanisms that prevent weight loss. Have you ever wondered why diets fail? When we restrict calories by dieting, our body reacts by slowing down our metabolism. You might temporarily lose weight, but you will gain back the weight because of the slower metabolism. Your metabolism is functioning at all times, so increasing your metabolism will increase the amount of body fat that you burn around the clock.

What It Is Scientific advances in medicine have discovered a number of plant extracts that increase the body’s metabolism rate. The Fat Burner package combines these plant herbs into one unique formula, giving you one of the safest and most effective weight loss supplements ever developed.

What It Does The Fat Burner Package helps your body to burn body fat as a source of energy. Currently, only 20-40% of your energy comes from stored body fat. By accelerating your metabolism and burning a higher percentage of body fat, the Fat Burner package can help you to lose weight.

The Benefits To Your Body Accelerates weight loss Increases breakdown of stored body fat Increases energy levels Burns body fat as a source of energy Helps preserve lean body mass Accelerates the metabolism rate Our Nutritional Formula (90 Capsules) Amount Per Serving: 50 mg Vitamin B5 20 mg Synephrine 150 mg Chromium Picolinate 100 mg Acetyl L-Carntitine 450 mg Kola Nut Extract 100 mg Green Tea Extract 275 mg Proprietary Blend 100% Guaranteed

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